TikTok's Snaps Weight Loss: Do they work? weight loss Jun 01, 2022

Velovita’s Snaps Weight Loss Plan from Tikitok

Do the Tiktok snaps weight loss packets really work?

Snaps weight loss is a new diet fad that began on Tiktok. They were created by a company called Velovita and contain a "proprietary blend of ingredients" that are supposed to cause weight...

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Doja Cat Weight Loss: How She Did It! weight loss May 31, 2022

Doja Cat's Weight Loss: Before and After

Doja Cat recently lost about 20 pounds by adjusting her diet and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Doja Cat's transformation is incredible, but is it something you can or should do? She went from 140 pounds down to 120 pounds making some simple changes....

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Paul Giamatti Weight Loss: How he did it! weight loss May 26, 2022

Billions Paul Giamatti's Weight Loss Diet Program

Paul Giamatti recently lost 15 pounds during the pandemic when season 5 of Billions got put on hold. Paul Giamatti is an American actor and producer and has lost around 15 pounds when the series Billions was put on hold due to the world wide...

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Golo.com Diet Review by Cardiologist Weight Loss Expert weight loss Apr 18, 2022

Golo Diet Review

There's this new diet called the Golo Diet. It's promoted by the website Golo.com. They have a well done website, but is it any good?

I have 2 major problems with the Golo Diet and we will take a deep dive into those issues.

The first one is that they are promoting an "insulin...

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Top Online Weight Loss Courses weight loss Feb 07, 2022

Top Online Weight Loss Courses

If you do a quick Google search, you will find that there aren't actually any good online weight loss courses.

First, you will see a bunch of ads for weight loss apps and programs for weight loss. But these are not courses nor classes. These are food tracking apps...

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