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They are also restricting the topics we can discuss. They ban anything that is even remotely considered "medical advice".

There are so many trolls and haters that it makes intelligent conversation very difficult. Trying to sift through all the inappropriate comments becomes such a hassle.

The questions scroll up so quickly, it's very hard to address everyone's concerns.

It's hard to give personalized advice because we really can't get to know each other when you have 400 people on there!

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About Dr. Mohammed Alo

Dr. Alo is a Board-Certified Cardiologist, Internist, and Certified Personal Trainer from Toledo, Ohio.

As “The Doctor’s Doctor”, he has traveled around the world speaking at medical conferences and medical schools on a variety of topics, most notably on proper weight loss since 2003. Dr. Alo has been teaching physicians how to teach their own patients how to lose weight without any of the fads, gimmicks, or fluff you usually see about weight loss.

The second most requested topic is his lipids and longevity series. How to live longer by altering your lipid profile to a more favorable one and optimizing other health factors to improve your health and longevity.

Through the help of the Actual Weight Loss Framework, he prides his approach on breaking down complicated medical concepts into simple, easy-to-understand methods that are proven to achieve lasting weight loss.

He has medical licenses in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana.

Dr. Alo Has Been Featured on Multiple Media Outlets Locally, Nationally, and Internationally!