Disclosures and Conflicts of Interests

I take disclosures and conflicts of interests very seriously. Here are all my disclosures and conflicts of interest. If I had any conflicts or disclosures, they would have already been made public by now, as the internet loves researching your funding and publishing it to discredit you.

As of March 2024


Companies I Invest In:

I do not invest in any individual medical or pharmaceutical companies.

Over 90% of my investments are in mutual funds, index fund ETFs, and total market index funds. I do invest a small amount in individual stocks that are mostly technology stocks like Apple, Amazon, Google, Tesla, etc.

I do not sit on the boards of any pharmaceutical companies or companies in any other fields.

I am not paid consulting fees by any company.

I am not an advisor to any company.

I do not sit on the board of any company.

I have not received compensation for services from any company.



I sell a weight loss book called Actual Weight Loss and a heart healthy cookbook called Heart 2 Heart.

I do receive small honorariums for lectures I give. They usually total no more than $100-500 per lecture. I usually give 1-2 paid lectures per year. Most of the time they don't even offer an honorarium. I donate all of this money to various charities. I donate $10,000 to $50,000 annually to various charities and this dwarfs any honorariums. Many times I donate the honorarium back to the foundation or organization that invited me or don't cash the check.

I teach medical students, residents, cardiology fellows and other types of medical professionals. These are unpaid and uncompensated. This generally consumes 6-10 hours per week. I enjoy teaching.

I am also a professor of medicine at Midwestern University and Ohio University. These are unpaid and uncompensated. I enjoy teaching and would never ask for compensation.

Our offices do accept free medications from pharmaceutical companies. This helps our elderly, poor, and needy patients. We have some offices in very underserved areas. Sometimes they will also bring lunch with them. We pride ourselves on seeing all patients and not turning anyone away, even if they don't have insurance. These medications help our patients tremendously. The value of the lunch is usually assigned to the physician that happened to be working clinic on that day. This doesn't generally total more than about $500-1000 per year. You'll notice there will be 50+ payments that total $700 in many cases. This is well below the national average of $5200 per year. This is all public information and must be reported. Here is a link to my profile: Open Payments.

Note: Many other website purport to report payments to physicians and are generally inaccurate. Open Payments is the CMS government mandated reporting system and the most accurate reporting system. Other websites are mostly guestimates based on national averages and some data from Open Payments.

You can look up others on this website and compare. For comparison, cardiologist Peter McCullough, received $1.89 million. Cardiologist Matthew Budoff has received $8.1 million. Cardiothoracic surgeon Steven Gundry has received $1.5 million. I urge you to look up any of these influencer physicians that are giving medical advice to see their conflicts of interest or see if they will even disclose this data. 


Conflicts Of Interest:

I have no conflicts of interest. My only goal is to provide accurate cardiology advice to the best of my ability according to the latest data and research. As the data and science evolves, our understanding and opinions will evolve as well.



This page will be updated with the latest changes. You'll hear it from me first.


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