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Maumee Walleye Fishing Guide

Everything You Need To Catch Limits!

Get All This!

  • Full Color Maps
  • Secret Honey Holes
  • The Exact Gear and Brands to Buy
  • The Exact Color Lures
  • The Exact Type Of Line
  • The Exact Way To Set Up Your Rig
  • The Maumee Modified Carolina Rig
  • How to Get Out of Snags
  • How to Fish a Floating Jig Head
  • How to Land Fish and Not Lose It (harder than you think)
  • Where To Clean Your Fish
  • Where to Fish From Shore
  • Avoid Illegal Fishing Techniques
  • Over 70 Pages and Growing
  • Links to Our Free Resources
  • Always Get the Most Up To Date Versions and Updates

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