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Cholesterol Masterclass

The Most Advanced Cholesterol Course Online Taught By The Master!


  • Start With Basic Lipidology
  • Head To Advanced Lipids
  • Cholesterol Debunked
  • Does Size Matter?
  • Does Oxidation Matter?
  • What Do The Guidelines Say?
  • How Low Can You Go?
  • What Should Your Numbers Be?
  • Is LDL Really the Problem?
  • What's The Difference Between LDL and ApoB?
  • Advanced Lipid Absorption
  • Advanced Lipid Metabolism
  • Advanced Lipid Testing
  • The Dr. Thomas Dayspring Collection (every podcast, video, lecture, interview)
  • Includes Behind The Scenes Cardiology Conference Teaching Advanced Lipids to Cardiologists
  • In Depth Bloodwork analysis of famous people (Dr. Ken Berry, Steak & Butter Gal, etc)
  • Understand Cholesterol Like a Cardiologist!
  • Don't We Need Cholesterol?
  • Doesn't Your Brain Need Cholesterol?
  • Don't You Need Cholesterol To Make Testosterone?
  • Does Cholesterol Really Cause Heart Attacks?
  • Doesn't Low LDL Cause More Death?
  • How Does Cholesterol Get Into Our Arteries?
  • Why Not Veins?
  • How Can We Can Completely Prevent Heart Disease?
  • Do You Really Need Inflammation To Cause Heart Disease?
  • Does Insulin Resistance Or Sugar Cause Heart Disease?
  • How To Use This Info In Your Daily Life!
  • Always Being Updated!
  • Lifetime Access!
  • Tons more...

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What People Are Saying:

Despite decades of knowledge the prevention of atherosclerotic heart disease remains poor. Some part of this lies in the conflicting opinions circulating in the media and online which confuses readers. In this regard, Cholesterol Truths by board certified cardiovascular medicine specialist and cholesterol expert Dr. Mohammed Alo, is a welcome addition to correct myths and disinformation in a detailed yet easily digestible treatise covering aspects from cell biology, cholesterol metabolism to the difference between observational data and clinical trials. There is something here for everyone from patients to individuals keen to learn more, as well as healthcare professionals.

Dr. prof Kausik Ray, President European Atherosclerotic Society

As a lipidologist, educator, and author who also has a large social media presence myself, I have very much enjoyed the way Mohammed continually recognizes and exposes the many cardiovascular and lipid frauds who populate social media with nonsensical, often dangerous advice and magical cures.

Dr. Thomas Dayspring

As a preventive cardiologist, I have witnessed firsthand the confusion that can arise from misinformation, particularly in the realm of lipidology. Dr. Alo’s dedication to dispelling these myths through rigorous scientific scrutiny and practical advice is a beacon for both healthcare professionals and patients alike. His comprehensive approach, rooted in the latest research, provides invaluable insights into cholesterol metabolism and its critical role in cardiovascular health.

Dr. Danielle Belardo

Dr. Alo is a wealth of knowledge and I have found his teachings, lectures, and books to be invaluable. Highly recommend Dr. Alo to anyone who wants to learn about cholesterol. Very in depth.

Dr. Abeer Berry, Cardiologist

I would highly recommend Dr. Alo to anyone who is seriously interested in cardiovascular disease prevention, improved heart health, and overall health and longevity! Dr. Alo possesses a wealth of information regarding cardiovascular disease, lipids and prevention. He's able to present complex information in a concise and easy to understand way for patients and physicians alike. Even though I am a cardiologist, I do not treat myself, and I found his counsel to be invaluable. 💪🏻🫀🩺

Dr. Matthew Phillips MD, Cardiologist, Austin, Texas