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The 3 Biggest Nutrition and Exercise Mistakes That Leave You Tired, Weak, Hungry, and Injury Prone Instead of Strong, Lean, Confident and Toned!

Revealed: You can lose weight, get stronger, be able to do more, gain confidence, without having to avoid foods you love and not have to workout 5 days a week!

Are "The Big Three" Holding You Back?

According to research, 95% of people will fail at weight loss within 5 years. In fact, studies show that 33-66% will gain back more weight than they lost. It's because of these 3 Major Mistakes! 

Mistake #1: Overly Restrictive Diets

The biggest mistake people make when trying a new weight loss plan is to choose a diet plan that is overly restrictive and doesn't allow you to eat foods that you love and enjoy. Scientific research has shown that restrictive diets can only work for a few months (3-12 months at the most), then people go back to eating the way they used to and gain all their weight back. Our method teaches you to lose weight properly while eating the foods you enjoy so that THIS TIME you won't fail!

There are so many restrictive diets out there. Keto, Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, Low fat, Low Carb, liquid diets, Sugarbusters, Carnivore, and so many others. People try these because they want an easy solution that may be easy to follow. People think that if they stop eating bread, pasta, rice, and cookies, that somehow they will be able to lose hundreds of pounds. And they do lose weight at first. For a few months, maybe even a year. But what happens when they go back to eating food they enjoy? They gain all their weight back!

What if there was a way to lose weight that did not restrict foods that you enjoy and not cause significant weight regain?

What if you could lose weight eating whatever you want?

What if you could eat what you like, so that you can do it FOREVER!

Mistake #2: Excessive Exercise

Most weight loss plans try to put you on a very rigorous 5 days/week exercise plan that is nearly impossible to adhere to long term. When you use excessive exercise to create a calorie deficit you are creating a lot of problems. It's nearly impossible to stick to a 5 day/week program for the rest of your life, and most people will just stop. You need to learn to create a calorie deficit without excessive exercise, and only exercise for health and enjoyment, not for Weight Loss!

Plans that require excessive cardio and excessive exercise cause your body to adapt to that level of activity. If you are running 5 miles per day, burning 300-400 calories, and that is why you are losing weight, you'll only be able to do that for a few months, before your body adapts and you gain the weigh back!

Studies have shown that the initial weight loss that happens when someone starts a new activity or new exercise program, usually lasts about 3 months. Then the body's adaptive mechanisms take over, and weight regain occurs. In some cases, you will gain back more weight than you initially lost.

You DON'T NEED to exercise every day, run 5 miles per day, lift weights every day to reap the metabolic benefits of exercise and support your weight loss and body composition goals.

Yes, exercise is important for strength, conditioning, balance, quality of life, to improve libido, and to prevent injury. But IT IS NOT necessary for weight loss. You will have access to all of the studies that bear this out. You don't need to exercise to lose weight, but exercise has many other beneficial effects that we want to maximize.

Exercise helps lower cardiovascular mortality, all-cause mortality, and improve most of your cardiovascular risk factors, like blood pressure, blood sugar, and many others.

You'll find out how to use the minimum effective dose of exercise to cause the maximum results and improvements for you!

Mistake #3: Bad Relationship With Food

Most popular weight loss plans will foster a bad relationship with food and exercise. It shouldn't be that way. Foods should not be categorized as inherently "good" or inherently "bad". Food is food. Each item of food contains different nutritional values for carbs, fats, and protein, but it's still food. You will learn how to use food as a tool to support your goals. Food is not evil! Learn to embrace and love all foods and be able to enjoy them all. No more being afraid of donuts, pizza, and candy. Learn to use these tools to fuel your body and fuel your weight loss.

Nearly every diet you read about tries to label foods as either GOOD or BAD. Pizza, pop, and ice cream are BAD! Kale and Quinoa are GOOD! You hear this all the time. People end up developing a horrible relationship with food. They'll go months not eating pizza, then one day they will have a slice. Then they feel as if they have failed. What's the point? Why should I keep trying? Then they'll go on a binge and eat an entire pizza. Then a whole bucket of ice cream. And the cycle continues. They fall off the wagon, and can no longer lose weight.


Our strategy teaches you to have confidence around food. To be able to eat anything you want, whenever you want, without spiraling out of control.

Wouldn't you want to be able to eat pizza? Eat ice cream? Have the knowledge and confidence to eat these foods without worrying about losing control?

It Doesn't Have To Be That Way!

Studies have shown that restrictive diets are the most difficult diets to follow long term. After 3-4 months, most people are back to eating the way they used to eat before, and fall of the wagon.

Science has also shown that the body adapts to excessive exercise and it is no longer effective. Find out the specific exercise that your body can not adapt to and you can use to always burn calories. (It's the easiest exercise you will ever do!)

Science has shown that people who form healthy relationships with food are more likely to lose weight, keep it off, and not gain it back. Learn the SECRET to establishing a healthy relationship with food!

How do I know? 

I've Been Teaching Doctors Weight Loss for Over 20 Years! I'm a Board Certified Cardiologist and Certified Personal Trainer!

I've been teaching doctors how to teach their patients to lose weight properly for over 20 years. I have traveled the world teaching physicians about proper weight loss. My lectures and techniques have led to hundreds, if not thousands, of patients and clients FINALLY learning to lose weight correctly, without restrictive, outrageous diets that are sometimes dangerous.

Do you want to learn from The Doctor's Doctor who has been teaching proper weight loss for over 20 years? Or from a newly graduated, inexperienced fitness trainer?

Like everyone, I have been overweight and sometimes obese since college. I have tried almost every fad diet you can imagine; Atkins, South Beach, Sugarbusters, Zone, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Whole 30, Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Paleo, TB12, and so many others. I would lose a little bit of weight, only to gain it all back. What gives? It was frustrating! I developed horrible relationships with food and exercise. 

It was so embarrassing. Especially because I was "The Weight Loss Doctor" and the obesity specialist. If anyone should know how to lose weight, it should be me!

It took me over 20 years of researching and lecturing on weight loss to finally figure it out. I have read every book and research article on obesity and weight loss, and I have finally figured it out. My patients and clients love my system and how easy it is! You get to eat whatever you want, and still lose weight! And it's backed by actual research and science! You will get a copy of every single relevant study!

I'm a cardiologist and certified personal trainer, and I have been able to help thousands of my clients and patients lose weight, and they have all been asking me to make my system available for all, so I finally decided to write this book and give it away for peanuts online.

In case you are wondering, yes, that's me after losing 50 pounds of fat and gaining a bunch of muscle. It took me about 6 months. Yes, I was eating whatever I wanted. You can learn how to do this too! I reveal all of the tips and tricks and science behind my plan in my new book!

*Individual results may vary. Results not typical.

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Dr. Alo is a Board Certified Cardiologist and Certified Personal Trainer!

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  • Look amazing!
  • Transform your body and self esteem!
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*Individual results may vary. Results not typical.

Anurag Tandon
Naperville, Illinois

"Although I was athletic during high school and in my early 20s, my weight ballooned and my health declined in my 30s and 40s. This was due to making unhealthy lifestyle choices. I would consume sugary drinks at every meal, hard to say no to dessert and eat fast food multiple times a week. One day I became embarrassed by the person I was seeing in pictures. I had become a bit of a running joke amongst my friends regarding my stomach and ability to eat so much at one meal.

I had tried lifting weights off and on for nearly a decade with little to no visible results. But when I started to follow Dr. Alo's advice regarding healthy food choices and developing a healthy relationship with food - I finally began to see the positive changes I knew I could achieve. Based entirely on the Dr. Alo's advice I was able to lose 40 lbs in five months and get stronger.

The most important part of my journey was the confidence I now have with food. I know that is okay to eat what I want. I know that if I gain weight that I can take it off. I know what to look for and how to fit it in to my food choices. With Dr. A's help I look nearly 10 years younger, I am stronger, I feel more confident and am happier than I have ever been. If I can reverse 20 years of bad habits - you can also.”

With love,
Anurag Tandon


*Individual results may vary. Results not typical.

Melissa Spieker
Deerfield, Illinois

I've always loved sports and have always been an athlete. But then I became a mom and everything changed. I had no time to do anything. My body changed. I tried every fad diet known to man and I was stuck. I would lose a few pounds, and then not know what to do. I couldn't get back to my original weight (or even close). My weight ballooned and my health declined in my 30s. Now, I have 3 kids. I tried every fad diet there was and just couldn't maintain weight loss. I was eating only 1200 calories and in the gym daily doing the stair climber, running on treadmills, and doing all kinds of things. Weight just wouldn't come off.

I had a terrible relationship with food. Every food was "bad" or "good" and I could never stick to my diet.

One day I became embarrassed by the person I was seeing in the mirror. I couldn't fit into my jeans. I lost my confidence. I stopped caring. I wore baggy clothes just to hide.

Then I finally met Dr. Alo. I started to follow Dr. Alo's advice regarding healthy food choices and developing a healthy relationship with food. I was in tears. I didn't realize how bad my relationship with food and exercise was. Dr. Alo taught me not to punish myself in the gym and with food. I learned to enjoy, take days off, have diet breaks, improve my mental health and self-care. All while still losing weight, getting better definition, and improving my confidence. I know I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want and still maintain or lose weight. If I gain weight, I just shave it off. I'm so grateful!

With Dr. Alo's help I look nearly 20 years younger, I am stronger, I feel more confident and am happier than I have ever been (and I can actually keep up with my kids!)  If I can reverse 20 years of bad habits - you can too!”

Thank you so much!
Melissa Speiker

*Individual results may vary. Results not typical.

Mo Idlibby, Attorney
Dallas, Texas

I was 240 pounds and I could barely breathe and keep up with my boys. My face was huge, my gut hung out, I had no energy. I couldn’t fit into anything anymore. I tried various types of diets over the years. I would lose weight and gain it all back. Over and over again. It was hard. It’s been my life since graduating law school. It’s embarrassing, because I played Division 1 football at Davidson College and now I looked like the exact opposite of an athlete.

I’m an attorney with a very busy national law firm with multiple offices in different states and I have 4 young children, I had no time for anything. Literally, no time to even sit down. I was building my business and practice. I had no time to go to the gym, no time to work out. Dr. Alo showed me that I don’t need time to make these simple changes.

I was desperate. I was defeated. I threw a Hail Mary and reached out to Dr. Alo hoping he could help. I was trying to do keto at the time, the fifth time I had tried it. Dr. Alo counseled me on the phone and through video and we got a plan together. Keto works a little, then I kept gaining the weight back. I was tired of it. I needed an end game. A way to finally beat obesity.

I followed Dr. Alo’s plan precisely and I got down to 175 pounds! And have kept it off for two years now! And because of the education and teaching, this will be my new way of living. I can eat pretty much whatever I want, and I can still lose weight.

Thank you Dr. Alo!

*Individual results may vary. Results not typical.

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  • How to Calculate Macros
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  • Can you Eat Red Meat?
  • Are Carbs Making You Fat?
  • What About Artificial Sweeteners?
  • What About Gut Microbiome?
  • What is Obesity?
  • How Much Protein Do I Need?
  • What If I have PCOS?
  • What If I am Pregnant?
  • Can My Kids Lose Weight?
  • Do I Have to Exercise?
  • Full Exercise and Fitness Program
  • Special Populations
  • Links to Our Free Resources
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Special Populations

For special populations including; men who have a "beer belly", women who are pregnant, people with PCOS, diabetics, those over 60, parents with kids that need to lose weight, and people with thyroid and hormone issues.

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Complete Schedule and Exercise Program for beginner and intermediate level. This program normally sells for hundreds on it's own.

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Preview the Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Coming Together
The Journey Begins
What Does Bodybuilding Have to Do With You?
Human Behavior

Chapter 2
Scope of the Obesity Problem
Overall Trends
Diet Success Rates
Costs of Obesity?
Medical Complications of Obesity
Complications of Obesity that No One Ever Talks About
Energy Balance?
The Dunning Kruger Effect

Chapter 3 
Story Time: Pool Party 
Who Am I?
What Drives Me?
My Wife and The Inspiration
Weight Loss Research
Diet vs Exercise?
Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)
Constrained Model of Exercise
Exercise Wrap Up

Chapter 4
Appetite Regulation, Perception, and Control
It's not Your Metabolism
Why Do People Lose Weight When They Start Exercising?
Muscle Matters
History of Diets

Chapter 5
Introduction to Nutrition

Chapter 6
What if I Want to Eat Low Carb?
What about Low Glycemic Index Foods versus High Glycemic Index Foods
What About Eating an Anti-Inflammatory Diet?
What About Intermittent Fasting
What About Artificial Sweeteners and the Gut Microbiome?
Saturated Fat: The Debate Ends
Will Red Meat Kill You?
Having a Good Relationship With Food
Taking Diet Breaks

Chapter 7
Previous Diets
So What Is the Best Diet For You?
What about Meal Plans?

Chapter 8
Setting Up Your Macros and Calorie Deficit
How to set up MyFitnessPal App
Using MyFitnessPal
What If You Don’t Want to Count Calories?
Nutrition Timing Myths
Don’t Fear Hunger!
Can You Gain Weight Eating Clean and Healthy?
Healthiest Diet?

Chapter 9
Where Do I Start?
What If Your Tracking is Inaccurate?
Are there Medications That Help With Weight Loss?
Medication Interference

Chapter 10
What is Metabolic Adaptation?
What Happens When You Hit a Real Plateau?
Long Term Adherence

Bonus Material #1
Special Populations
Can You Lose Weight if You are Diabetic?
Can I lose Weight If I Am Pregnant?
Can I Lose Weight If My Thyroid is Off?
So How Do I Get My Kids to Lose Weight
Weight Loss Over 60
PCOS and Weight Loss

Bonus Material #2
Exercise and Fitness
Exercise Modalities
Cardio vs Weights
Dangers of Excessive Cardio
What’s My Exercise Prescription?

Bonus Material #3
The Exercise & Fitness Program
Calories Out
Weight Loss Summary
Final Words

Appendix- Full of links to every article you could ever want to read on weight loss and exercise.
Thank You

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