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Dr. Alo is a Board Certified Cardiologist and Certified Personal Trainer. He is passionate about teaching and healthy living!

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Weight Loss

Dr. Alo has helped thousands of patients lose weight, and hundreds of thousands by proxy because he teaches physicians to help their patient lose weight.


Dr. Alo's youth sports coaching books, course,  and programs. Years of coaching experience in simple books!


Having the right fitness program that supports your goals is very important. Some people want to gain strength, others want bigger muscles, others just want to lose weight.

The 3 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

Dr. Alo's new book reveals the three biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight and how to lose weight without getting stuck in one of these common pitfalls. 

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Board Certified Cardiologist and Certified Personal Trainer!


I've been teaching doctors how to teach their patients to lose weight properly for over 20 years. I have traveled the world teaching physicians about proper weight loss. I get paid thousands of dollars to lecture for just one hour at medical conferences teaching physicians proper weight loss.

My lectures and techniques have led to hundreds, if not thousands, of patients and clients FINALLY learning to lose weight correctly, without restrictive, outrageous diets that are sometimes dangerous. You can watch most of my lectures on my very busy YouTube channel. I post all of my medical lectures, and plenty of others, on YouTube.

Do you want to learn from The Doctor's Doctor who has been teaching proper weight loss for over 20 years? Or from a newly graduated, inexperienced fitness trainer?

Like everyone, I have been overweight and sometimes obese since college. I have tried almost every fad diet you can imagine; Atkins, South Beach, Sugarbusters, Zone, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Whole 30, Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Paleo, TB12, and so many others. I would lose a little bit of weight, only to gain it all back. What gives? It was frustrating! I developed horrible relationships with food and exercise. 

It was so embarrassing. Especially because I was "The Weight Loss Doctor" and the obesity specialist. If anyone should know how to lose weight, it should be me!

It took me over 20 years of researching, writing, and lecturing on weight loss to finally figure it out. I have read every book and research article on obesity and weight loss. I have over 15 years of experience helping thousands of actual patients lose weight.

It's my job to stay up to date on the latest research! My patients and clients love my system and how easy it is! You get to eat whatever you want, and still lose weight! And it's backed by actual research and science! You will get a copy of every single relevant study!

The most beautiful part? You will develop a good relationship with food and develop a healthy mindset and learn to love yourself! That's more important than the pounds you will lose and the weights you will lift!

I'm a cardiologist and certified personal trainer, and I have been able to help thousands of my clients and patients lose weight. They have all been asking me to make my system available for all, so I finally decided to put my system out into the world in videos, books, courses, and tons of free content.

In case you are wondering, yes, that's me after losing 50 pounds of fat and gaining a bunch of muscle. It took me about 6 months. Yes, I was eating whatever I wanted. You can learn how to do this too! I reveal all of the tips and tricks and science behind my plan in my new book!

*Individual results may vary. Results not typical.

Dr. Alo Has Been Featured on Multiple Media Outlets Locally, Nationally, and Internationally!

Free Weight Loss Mindset Mini Course

Because I love you guys and want you to start out right, I'm giving away this $97 Mindset Course for free. Register below!

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In the News:

Dr. Alo has published hundreds of articles, posts, research papers, and books. He has also been a featured guest many television shows and broadcasts. Pictured below with the Mind Pump Media crew and the late John Meadows.

Dr. Alo on Mind Pump Media
Dr. Alo on John Meadows

Learn Proper Weight Loss!

Over 20 Years of Weight Loss Research for Less Than $5!

This book contains every single relevant research study on diet, exercise, and weight loss. Dr. Alo has spent a lifetime coaching, lecturing, and teaching weight loss to phsyicians. He teaches phsyicians how to teach their patients to lose weight. Now you can have all of this information too broken down into a simple to follow program! No more fad diets and avoiding carbs! Dr. Alo's weight loss book. Over twenty years in the making!

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The Ultimate Busy Moms Guide! Feel Confident, Attractive, and Sexy Again! 

Learn how to lose weight from America's "Weight Loss Doctor". Dr. Alo has spent over 20 years teaching weight loss to new moms, postpartum moms, experienced mothers, and women from all backgrounds! Grab this book now for less than $5! The book reviews strategies, research, and studies on how mothers can lose weight permanently without following crazy fad diets and still eating what they enjoy.

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Dominate Flag Football, Even If You Have Never Coached Before!

Coach your team to an undefeated season, even if you have never coached before! Dr. Alo has been playing and coaching football for nearly 3 decades and is the Editor in Chief of FootballTimes.org writing on football strategy and teaching other coaches.

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Dominate Soccer Like a Seasoned Pro!

So you signed up to coach your kids soccer team? Never played soccer before? Don't know where to start? This book is for you. It's actually a combination of Coach Alo's two previous soccer coaching books. The first was on coaching 5, 6, 7, and 8 year old soccer and the second book was on coaching 9 year olds all the way up through college.

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Fish The Maumee River Like a Pro With Maps to All The Secret Honey Holes 

Full color maps to all the secret locations and honey holes. Know when to fish and where to fish depending on water level! This book shows you what equipment you need, how to rig it, and how to fish it properly!

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Dr. Alo's Weight Loss 101 Masterclass Is The Most Popular Online Weight Loss Program!

Transform your body safely, effectively, and permanently! Dr. Alo travels the world teaching other physicians how to help their patients lose weight. He also lectures to general audiences and has a passion for teaching. If you've watched any of his YouTube videos, you know he loves teaching!

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The Mommy Body Makeover Is The Most Popular Online Program for Busy Mothers Struggling With Weight Loss.

Get your body back! The perfect program for moms on the go that want their body back! Get back into those old jeans, fit in that swimsuit, be able to enjoy the outdoors, keep up with your kids, and impress all your friends! You can still eat foods you enjoy!

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The Exact Diet and Workout That Dr. Alo Used to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle!

Dr. Alo went from fluffy and 195 pounds to lean and shredded at 145 pounds. Grab this free cheatsheet infographic and transform your body! This program may not be for everyone, but if you are dedicated and really want to see results, you can use this program.

*Individual results may vary. Results not typical.


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