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Dr. Alo is a Board Certified Cardiologist and Certified Personal Trainer. He is passionate about teaching and healthy living!

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Weight Loss

Dr. Alo has helped thousands of patients lose weight, and hundreds of thousands by proxy because he teaches physicians to help their patient lose weight.


Dr. Alo's cardiology educational YouTube videos are amongst the most popular online. There's a lot of free content on his YouTube channel.


Having the right fitness program that supports your goals is very important. Some people want to gain strength, others want bigger muscles, others just want to lose weight.

Dr. Alo's Weight Loss Masterclass is the most popular program!

Transform your body safely, effectively, and permanently! Dr. Alo travels the world teaching other physicians how to help their patients lose weight. He also lectures to general audiences and has a passion for teaching. If you've watched any of his YouTube videos, you know he loves teaching!

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There's No Reason Why Busy Moms Can't Lose Weight, While Steal Eating Food They Love!

Get your body back! The perfect program for moms on the go that want their body back! Get back into those old jeans, fit in that swimsuit, be able to enjoy the outdoors, keep up with your kids, and impress all your friends!

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Dominate Flag Football, Even If You Have Never Coached Before!

Coach your team to an undefeated season, even if you have never coached before! Dr. Alo has been playing and coaching football for nearly 3 decades and is the Editor in Chief of FootballTimes.org writing on football strategy and teaching other coaches.

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If you want to be personally coached by a board certified cardiologist and certified personal trainer, then this is the place to be!


The exact diet and workout that Dr. Alo used to drop 50 pounds!

Dr. Alo went from 195 pounds to 145 pounds in about 6 months. Grab this free cheatsheet infographic and transform your body!

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