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Everything You Need to Catch Walleye Limits Daily!


Secret Honey Holes, Gear, Tips, Tricks, And Everything You Could Possibly Need to Catch Tons of Walleye on the Maumee River!

Secret Honey Holes

You get full color maps with all the "Secret Honey Holes"! Even when to fish which location based on water levels and temperatures. You will already be 10 steps ahead of anyone else!

No Experience?

Don't worry, you don't need to have any fishing experience! We have taken people who have never fished before, and took them through the entire process from zero to expert before they are done reading this book!

No Gear?

Our book includes everything you need including what gear to buy (it's cheaper than you think) and how to rig it all up to catch daily limits!

We Have Been Guiding and Teaching Walleye Fishing For Over 20 Years!

Without one of us actually being there in person with you, the book is the next best thing! This book is exactly what you need! Everything from gear, to locations, to how to land a fish and not lose it! You won't need any other resource!

So Good It Was Banned on!

This is absolutely true! Our book was selling like crazy immediately after it was released in 2015. Amazon thought we were committing some type of fraud and banned it. After 4 years of going back and forth with Amazon, we decided to release the book on our own so that you guys can still have it! So many of our readers kept asking for the latest release! Now it's updated and ready to go!

Full Color Maps and Diagrams

The exact maps and location we use. When to use which location based on water level, and how to fish each location. Plenty of room to make your own notes. Over 70 pages and growing!

Don't Just Go Fishing... Make Memories Instead!

It's not all about walleye! It's about friends, hanging out, getting away, destressing, and just having fun! (And you'll catch some delicious walleye)

You Don't Have To Be An Expert or Have Any Experience!

You really don't! None of our students and readers ever had previous experience fishing for walleye on the Maumee River until they read our book! We still get pictures and stories every day about the walleye they caught, the friends they made, and how many limits they got!

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  • Full Color Maps
  • Secret Honey Holes
  • The Exact Gear and Brands to Buy
  • The Exact Color Lures
  • The Exact Type Of Line
  • The Exact Way To Set Up Your Rig
  • The Maumee Modified Carolina Rig
  • How to Get Out of Snags
  • How to Fish a Floating Jig Head
  • How to Land Fish and Not Lose It (harder than you think)
  • Where To Clean Your Fish
  • Where to Fish From Shore
  • Avoid Illegal Fishing Techniques
  • Over 70 Pages and Growing
  • Links to Our Free Resources
  • Always Get the Most Up To Date Versions and Updates

Immediate Digital Download!


Everything you need to catch a limit, day after day, after day!

We have been doing this for a very long time! We guarantee you will catch limits! This book is the culmination of over 40 years of combined experience! Everyone likes to keep all the secrets to themselves, but we have put it all out there in this book!

John Matlock

"I bought this book at the local pro shop back in 2015 when I was in Maumee, Ohio to fish and it was beautiful. It's too bad Amazon banned the print version. I'm happy to say that the digital version is much more impressive than the print version. And I can pull it out on my phone instantly and look and see where I am and if I am doing it right!"

Lisa Spalding

"I just wanted to fish from shore with my little ones. Never thought I would catch anything. But the book gives you plenty of shore fishing locations where you don't have to go into the water and risk your life, and it worked! It was lots of fun and we landed a 28 inch walleye!"

Arlan Gase

"Super impressed by this book! It comes in handy. When you are at the hotel wondering where to fish tomorrow and the water level is at 582, you just break out the book, and find the right spots. The right spots aren't where the crowds are. Sure, people think if you follow the crowd, you'll find the fish. But that's not always true. This book was always spot on. We were catching fish with no one around us!"

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