Look Like a Seasoned Pro! Even If You Have Never Coached Before! Even With Mediocre Players!

So You Signed Up to Coach Soccer, But Never Coached Before? Don't Worry, You Won't Lose a Single Game!


No Experience?

Don't worry, we've taken dads who have never played soccer and never coached before, and turned them into undefeated league champions!

No Idea?

Our book includes all the drills, games, and set plays you need with the exact way to practice them and implement them!

Magical Stoppage Plays

You get the "Magical Set Plays", that will guarantee that your team is in better position to score or prevent a goal!

So Good It Was Banned on Amazon.com!

This is absolutely true! Our book was selling like crazy immediately after it was released in 2018. Amazon thought we were committing some type of fraud and banned it. After 3 years of going back and forth with Amazon, we decided to release the book on our own so that you guys can still have it! So many of our readers kept asking for the latest release! Now it's updated and ready to go!

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  • Totally Unfair Advantage
  • Kids Brains
  • Fun First
  • No Drills
  • Fun Games
  • Adult Soccer Statistics
  • Complete Domination
  • Set Plays
  • Stoppage Time
  • Why Your Child Can't Pass and Why You Should Stop Screaming "Pass!"
  • Statistically Put Your Team in Position to Score
  • Control What You Can Control
  • Advance Soccer Secrets
  • Practice Drills That Work
  • No One Stands in Line 
  • What to Change for Youth and College Players
  • Defensive That Works
  • Offense That Works
  • Game Simulation Drills
  • Completely Revamped and Updated
  • Links to Our Free Resources

Everything you need to coach your team to a championship, even if you are a first time coach!

Don't worry! We've all been there. They needed a coach for your kid's soccer team, and you volunteered. You've searched online and found a ton of "advice" and even some basic books. Guess what? Been there, done that! It never works! And it flops! You will fail miserably. Having this book is a complete unfair advantage! It's like cheating!

John M. Mak

“I loved Coach Alo's football book so much that I had to get his soccer one too! My team hadn't won a game and it was frustrating. We went from zero wins the previous year to undefeated and league champs after talking to Coach Alo and implementing his philosophy, his practice games, his defense, and offense. It totally tipped the odds in our favor. Soccer seems so chaotic and difficult to coach. It seems like nothing we did in practice translated into improved performance on the field. The practice techniques, drills, and overall strategy were perfect for our team! I didn't grow up playing soccer, it was all foreign to me. Now I coach high school as well and even help with the local college, and everyone thinks I've been coaching for years! It's literally life changing when you see the statistics and realize what is futile and what you should focus on! A huge thank you!”

Adam Garland

"I volunteered to coach my kid's soccer and flag football team, but I had no idea where to start. Someone told me about Coach Alo's books on Amazon, but I couldn't find them. I emailed Coach Alo and he sent it to me! Best decision I ever made! I got it 2 days before we started practice, and I am so glad I did. I immediately looked like I knew what I was doing and the kids loved it. We went on to win every game and the championship. It was so simple, yet so incredible. You can tell immediately that he knows what he is talking about and has been doing this for a very long time."

Suzzane Neise

"I grew up playing soccer, so I thought I knew what I was doing. But I was curious to know what Dr. Alo had to say about soccer. To say this was very eye opening is an understatement. I was one of those parents yelling at my 6 year old son to pass. Lol! After seeing how much I didn't actually know about coaching, I decided to grab his football book too, and I was that rockstar mom beating all the dad coaches! This book was a Godsend! My team went on to beat everyone! We won every game, had the best record, and took home the trophies! They keep asking me how I did it, I'm not telling them about this book!"

Coach Alo and the Staff at FootballTimes.org Have Over 40 Years Experience Coaching Youth Sports!

This book is exactly what you need! Everything from your mindset, to philosophy, to how to run your practices! You won't need any other resource!

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