Razan Alo Soccer Player

Pacesetter Soccer Club


Player Stats: Razan Alo

Club: Pacesetter Soccer Club
Birth Year: 2010
Position: Striker, Captain
Footed: Ambidextrous: Shoots Right & Left 
Goals Scored From Age 10-14: 207 Goals

Razan Began Playing soccer at age 4. She was the only girl on the field and was dominating the boys. She was a very special and incredibly talented player from a very young age.  She continued to outperform at the recreational level and started club soccer at age 7 when she demonstrated continued excellence and dominance. She has been playing with Pacesetter ever since.

She is ambidextrous. In the video above, you'll notice that she has made as many goals with her left as her right. 

Note: The video above is a collection of the goals that were scored and captured on video. Many more were not captured on video.

She has scored over 207 goals between ages 10 to 14 prior to high school playing at the club level and in various tournaments.

Razan has been team captain, as selected by her team mates, every year since captains were required.

She is a multi sport athlete. She runs cross country, runs track and has impeccable endurance.

She loves soccer and comes home from practice to practice more on her own and with her father. Her father is a soccer coach and has published multiple books on soccer coaching.

She has been training on her own and with multiple private coaches over the years. 

Every summer she attends multiple local and regional soccer camps as well as the Elite Speed Camp by Coach Syed, who has over 100 Division 1 college athletes on scholarship for track and field. She gets her explosive speed from all this training.

She also been a part of the Olympic Development Program and made it to phase 1, 2, and 3. Nationally ranked.

She also lifts weights and this has lead to toughness and strength. She has never been knocked off the ball. Even when she plays up with players that are older, bigger, and stronger than her.

She has won 12 first place medals and trophies from various soccer tournaments before age 12.

One year, she received 14 out of 15 MVP bracelets. These are awarded by the opposing teams' players for being the best player on the opposing team. The one that she did not receive was due to the opposing players awarding it to their former teammate. This demonstrates that opposing players quickly realize she is the best player on the field.


14 out of 15 MVP bracelets!