Dr. Mohammed S. Alo

Board Certified Cardiologist
Certified Personal Trainer

  • Board Certified Cardiologist
  • Board Certified Internal Medicine
  • Fellow of the American College of Cardiology
  • Certified Personal Trainer- National Association of Sports Medicine
  • Medical Licenses in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan
  • Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Midwestern University
  • Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Ohio University
  • Best Selling Author  
  • Weight Loss & Obesity Medicine
  • Featured on multiple TV shows
  • Published all across the world

Dr. Alo is a board certified cardiologist based out of northwest Ohio. Dr. Alo grew up in Toledo, Ohio, attended St. John’s Jesuit High School and then went on to complete an Economics degree and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Toledo. He worked in politics, business, computers, sales, and networking and then went to medical school in Chicago at Midwestern University’s Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. He would later move back to Toledo to practice medicine and take care of the community that he grew up in and loves.

He has a passion for teaching and travels the country giving talks on various topics. Almost all of his presentations can be viewed on his YouTube channel. Most of his lectures focus on teaching other physicians various cardiology topics that span a wide gamut of topics from cardiology, to health and fitness, to diet and weight loss.

Dr. Alo is passionate about health and fitness and stays up to date on this topic. He loves teaching his patients and other physicians how to live a healthier and longer life.

Dr. Alo is not only a cardiologist, but he is also a certified personal trainer. He received his certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine. He enjoys lifting weights and body building and has trained many of his friends, kids, and family. It’s a hobby and passion of his.

Dr. Alo grew up playing many sports and now coaches youth sports and has written a number of books on youth sports coaching. Football is Dr. Alo’s favorite sport. He’s played and coached football all of his life. He also coaches basketball, softball, baseball, golf, strength and conditioning, and soccer. He’s written two books on coaching soccer and a book on dominating flag football.

Prior to going to medical school, Dr. Alo worked at the Medical College of Ohio in the liver transplant department with Dr. Juan Sanabria publishing research on human liver transplants. He also worked at the Medical College of Ohio pathology lab with Dr. Gunning researching human immunodeficiency virus.

This background in research has helped shape his love of science and research. All of his work is based off research and scientific evidence.

Dr. Alo has an undergraduate degree in Economics, the study of decision making. This has helped him tremendously in evaluating patients, data, publications, and in day to day life. People make decisions every day and use Economics daily.

Dr. Alo has published an extensive list of books on a multitude of topics, starting with a book on Leading Non Profit Organizations back when he was just 17 years old. He has since published books on coaching soccer (two of them), coaching flag football, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Google + marketing, Digital Marketing for Physicians and Lawyers, Heart 2 Heart (the calorie based cookbook), multiple best selling weight loss books, comparative religions and philosophy, running grassroots political campaigns, speech writing, how to get published online, how to publish books on Amazon, Fishing for Walleye in The Maumee River, and many more.

Dr. Alo has multiple research publications and articles in scientific, peer-reviewed journals. He's had thousands of articles published in magazines in print and online. He has been the Editor in Chief of multiple online and print publications and has been an opinion columnist for many different newspapers, starting with The Collegian back at The University of Toledo in the mid 90s.

He stumbled across weight loss back in college when he gained weight and weighed 197 pounds. He realized that he needed to lose weight and experimented with many different diets. As time would go on, he was fascinated by the human body, metabolism and the science and research behind weight gain and weight loss. He began lecturing at medical schools and conferences in 2002 when he was still a student at Midwestern University's medical school.

He would later go on to become the most sought after medical public speaker. He spoke on a variety of topics and put all of those lectures on YouTube. Eventually, the most requested topic would be weight loss and he would travel the world talking about diet, exercise, and weight loss from a scientific perspective and how we can relate it to human behavior and use science to improve weight loss efforts to achieve more permanent weight loss.

After every lecture at medical conferences he would have a long line of doctors asking him for a book or brochure or handout to give to their patients that embodies his philosophy because they really enjoyed the eye-opening lecture and weight loss philosophy. He never had one until recently when one of his prior publishers reached out to him to publish on more weight loss book, and hence, Actual Weight Loss was born.

Actual Weight Loss would go on to become one of the top 100 weight loss books on Amazon. The publisher reached back out and asked if Dr. Alo could publish his recipes in a heart healthy cookbook. Dr. Alo agreed to do it, with one caveat, it had to be a very unique calorie based cookbook where the chapters were organized by calories needed to lose weight. Not only that, because Dr. Alo is a bodybuilder and personal trainer, each chapter had to contain a sufficient amount of protein for muscle retention and growth. As you know, when dieting down, there is a high chance of losing muscle, unless you lift weights and eat enough protein. This heart healthy cookbook insures you get enough protein! There's no other heart healthy cookbook like this.

As time passed, Dr. Alo would receive so many requests to put together an online class or course for weight loss. It started out by doing YouTube and Facebook Live events where he would teach and answer questions, but you could not reach the masses that way. Too many people missed the Lives and wanted access to the teaching. 

At the request of many physicians and friends, Dr. Alo ended up creating the most comprehensive online weight loss course ever published. This course included a workbook, video lessons, an interactive portal to be able to ask questions, as well as access to all prior and future Lives. There is also a final exam and certificate if you pass!

Dr. Alo continued to publish weight loss data, research studies on his YouTube channel. One day he published a brief video on the weight loss mindset discussing everything you need to think and believe before you embark on a weight loss journey. This video exploded with positive reviews and shares and people urged Dr. Alo to publish more on this topic. Hence, the Weight Loss Mindset course was born. This has easily become the most popular and requested weight loss course. It's a prerequisite for the full weight loss course! In this course you learn how to set up your mind and belief system to prepare yourself and those around you for actual weight loss.

Th internet is littered with various influencers discussing cholesterol and lipids that have no business discussing cholesterol and lipids. These "Medfluencers" have been teaching the public that high cholesterol is acceptable and not an issue when it comes to health. Dr. Alo has been battling and debating these Medfluencers and trying to each real cariology, lipidology, and cholesterol science in an unambiguous way that is easy to understand.

Dr. Alo's cholesterol book is nearly complete and should be available to the masses soon. 

Dr. Alo continues to publish articles, reports, data, research, and educational videos on cardiology, lipids, cholesterol, weight loss, and healthy living!

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