3 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes Based on Science

Dec 07, 2021
3 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

The 3 Biggest Nutrition and Exercise Mistakes Based on Science

There are generally three major mistakes that people make when it comes to nutrition, fitness, and weight loss.

⚠️1 Overly Restrictive Diets
One of the biggest mistakes is choosing a diet or weight loss plan that's overly restrictive and difficult to follow. Whether that's restricting your food choices or limiting when you can eat, it's very hard to stick to these long term. Studies have shown very low long term adherence. Most people can only do this for a few months. There is a much better way.

⚠️2 Excessive Exercise
Similarly, adopting a 5 day/week intense exercise program is very difficult to adhere to long term. And it's not necessary. Sure, you may be able to stick to it for a few months, but then it's very hard to continue doing that for the rest of your life. Choose an activity regimen that is enjoyable and easy to adhere to for the long haul. You don't need excessive exercise to cause weight loss. In fact, studies have shown that exercise contributes very little to weight loss.

⚠️3 Bad Relationship With Food
Most weight loss programs and diets foster an unhealthy relationship with food. We want to develop a healthy relationship with food. We want people to be excited and enjoy food. We don't want to label any food as inherently "good" or inherently "bad". Food is food. Use it properly to fuel your goals. It's ok to eat pizza and ice cream, just enjoy it and make sure it fits into your overall program. Don't go punish yourself the next day by starving yourself, or running for 10 miles!

It really doesn't have to be this way!

I'm Dr. Alo and I have been teaching, researching, and lecturing on weight loss for nearly 20 years. I have taught thousands of doctors how to teach their patients to lose weight properly while avoiding common pitfalls and without unnecessarily avoiding foods they love.

I have taught hundreds, if not thousands, of people how to lose weight with simple strategies that you can follow long term.

I'm a Board Certified Cardiologist and Certified Personal Trainer! I know what it takes to get healthy and fit without following dangerous plans.

You don't have to:

❌ Avoid Carbs
❌ Workout 5 days/week
❌ Eat tons of fat
❌ Eat only from 1-4pm
❌ Avoid foods you love
❌ Run 20 miles per week

You can eat all the carbs you want, workout one day per week, avoid inhaling fat, eat at whatever time of day you want, and you don't have to do any cardio!

I know you have probably tried many different diets and plans, trust me, I have to! But you are going to like how simple and straight forward this is going to be!


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