Doja Cat Weight Loss: How She Did It!

weight loss May 31, 2022
Doja Cat Weight Loss

Doja Cat's Weight Loss: Before and After

Doja Cat recently lost about 20 pounds by adjusting her diet and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Doja Cat's transformation is incredible, but is it something you can or should do? She went from 140 pounds down to 120 pounds making some simple changes. Although she didn't lose a significant amount of weight, it was enough for her to feel healthier and be more confident. Doja Cat's weight loss journey started with simple changes that lead to big results.

Doja Cat's Diet and Weight Loss Plan

The first thing she did was cut out junk food and alcohol. Junk food is hyperpalatable and calorie dense. So eliminating things like Doritos, chips, brownies, and pop tarts, can give you anywhere from a 23-67% reduction in overall caloric intake. If you did nothing else, you could lose weight doing just this.

Doja Cat also eliminated alcohol which is quite calorie dense. Doja Cat's weight loss journey isn't unique, but alcohol was one thing she really wanted to eliminate. This was one thing she discussed often on her Twitter account, the need to eliminate alcohol.

Alcohol contains excessive calories that are easy to eliminate. One gram of alcohol is 7 calories, almost as much as fat. So this is an easy fix. If she was drinking mixed drinks with more sugar in them, then this eliminates even more calories.

She also started eating more spinach, eggs, and seaweed chips as her new go-to snacks. These are high volume and low calorie foods. When you replace typical snacks (trail mix, chips, pop) with lower calorie alternatives, you can reduce overall caloric intake by anywhere from 23-67%. This can cause substantial weight loss.

She also states that she eliminated fried egg wraps (egg rolls) and a few other fried foods (chicken wings). These are also calorie dense and not very filling. This helped reduce her daily caloric intake as well. Every little bit counts. Small changes that seem imperceptible are the best way to lose weight.

In a Tweet from 2020 Doja Cat said that she eats two eggs, a spinach tortilla with caramelized onions, pepper jack cheese, and hot sauce. She also Tweeted that she also eats a lot of seaweed.

Adopting this healthy diet, Doja Cat has lost 20 pounds, without weight loss surgery or extreme measures. So, did diet and exercise work for her?

Doja Cat's Weight Loss Journey

Living in Los Angeles with busy schedules makes it very difficult to commit to extreme and time consuming weight loss strategies. She did not hire a personal trainer and train 8+ hours a day. She aimed for modest weight loss goals with simple, easy to implement strategies. (She wasn't trying to lose a lot of weight).

Doja Cat's Diet Plan

What we can tell from her social media postings is that her diet looked something like this:

  • Breakfast – Usually 2 whole eggs, and 1 slice of toast
  • Lunch – Salmon and or tuna, and some type of vegetable
  • Snacks – Seaweed chips, black coffee
  • Dinner – Spinach, chicken, lean beef steak, salads
  • Lots of water in between (water takes up space in your stomach and activates stomach satiety stretch receptors that tell you that you are full)


She also states that she started to incorporate more water, fruits, and vegetables into her diet. These are all low calorie foods that are high volume and should fill you up without costing too many calories.

Doja Cat's Weight Loss Transformation: The Fridge

She recently gave a tour of her house and showed the inside of her refrigerator and it was stocked with quinoa, kale, and tuna. She also started eating more fruits and drinking low calorie juices instead of pop. While these substitutions can work, it may be hard to sustain long term. More on that later. But this worked for her, and that's the most important thing.

She also began drinking more water instead of higher calorie drinks. This keeps her stomach full and keeps cravings down.

I teach my patients to drink two tall glasses of water before every meal. This stretches the stomach out, and that stretch response can signal to your brain that it is quite full and not to eat as much.

I counsel my patients to eat half their meal, wait 20 minutes for the stomach stretch receptors to notify the brain that they are full. Oftentimes, that's enough of a trick to get people to eat half the amount of calories they used to eat.

Doja Cat's Workout Routine and Workout Plan

Doja Cat's workout routine began by incorporating regular exercise into her weekly and daily routine. She adopted a mostly cardio based exercise routine, more on why you shouldn't do this later and what the better alternative is for most people trying to lose weight sustainably. 

According to her social media accounts and interviews, she began cycling, running, and dancing. This is a cardio and "activity" heavy routine. While activity and exercise are good for you, it's not the best way to create long term weight loss. Diet is the best long term weight loss plan. It's the most sustainable as well. More on this later.

If you have watched any of my YouTube videos or read any of my books, you will quickly realize that this is not how she actually lost weight. She lost weight with diet. Exercise is great for your health, but does not cause sustainable weight loss.

I always tell my patients, "Exercise for fitness, not fatness!" Exercise will reduce your blood pressure, insulin resistance, and cholesterol, but isn't the best way to lose weight. But it can work in certain situations.

She also did some weight training (much better). Weight training can add lean body mass and help your overall basal metabolic rate. This is the number one thing I recommend to my patients.

Doja Cat did the following exercises:

  • Shoulder press
  • Crunches
  • Leg curls 
  • Squats 
  • Push-ups
  • Kettlebells
  • Jump squats 
  • Bench step-ups
  • Bench dips


This is a great start and does include some of the big compound movements that I prescribe to my patients all the time (squats, deadlifts, overhead press, bench press, and hip thrust).

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She also states that body image and body dysmorphia led to her terrible relationship with food and body image. She wanted a change, so that she could accept her body and so that she can own her own happiness. I talk about body positivity and weight loss mindset frequently. It's my favorite topic and has changed lives!

I highly recommend taking my Free Weight Loss Mindset Course to help with body image and body dysmorphia. This will also help you prepare for a real and permanent weight loss journey and transformation. It will be your LAST transformation!

How Did Doja Cat Do?

Overall, Doja Cat did a great job with her weight loss journey and transformation. Most importantly she made choices that worked for her. If you actually enjoy seaweed, kale, quinoa, then by all means, go ahead and add those foods to your diet. If you don't enjoy those foods, it may be hard to sustain this long term.

Studies on heavily restrictive diets have not shown good long term outcomes. You should follow a diet plan that feels the least restrictive to you. If she can do this long term, and it's not a quick fix weight loss plan, then more power to her. But for most people eating kale and quinoa for the rest of their lives isn't going to be sustainable.

If you want to learn more about sustainable, long term weight loss without restrictive diet plans, you need to grab my Actual Weight Loss book. I cover all of these topics in depth and even give you a free exercise program with video demonstrations as well as a comprehensive diet strategy based on science and research!

Who Is Doja Cat?

Doja Cat is a famous rapper, singer, and songwriter. She was born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini (her real name). She started her singing career at age of 17 and has authored 20+ original songs. Her most famous songs include Mooo, Purr, So High, and Kiss Me More. Some of her most popular albums include Amala, Hot Pink, and Planet Her.

Doja Cat’s achievements include being a Grammy winner, a Billboard award, and appearances on the AMA’s and the VMA’s (American Music Awards and Video Music Awards). She is quite accomplished in the entertainment industry, but very few know about her weight loss journey. She has also received an MTV music award.

Doja Cat Weight Loss

Doja Cat's Juicy Song About Her Weight Loss Journey

Doja Cat has always been trying to lose weight and it caused her mental anguish. Like most celebrities, she wanted to lose weight for her mental and spiritual well being as well as physical health. She has always had body image issues. Doja shares some of her struggle in an interview she said:

“When I was growing up, I had body dysmorphia. Without a doubt. And I’ve had it since. It started during my teens, which I think is where it begins for most people. I started really growing, and I never really thought I looked good in a lot of the stuff I wore."

Cat continued,

"I feel like that song (Juicy) was therapeutic for me, I kind of made it for myself – well, the meaning behind it, at least, I was kind of doing it for my own happiness and I feel like other people can definitely pull some joy from that, too. Now I just try to focus on eating well, but I definitely still struggle with body dysmorphia a bit now. But I think that’s to be completely expected when there are all these phones in your face, right.”

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