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Mar 01, 2015

My Healthy Living Academy has been live since 2006 and it's been a way to share information on healthy living, weight loss, nutrition, diet, fitness, and exercise in a non commercialized fashion using research and evidence as the foundation. 

There are a lot of health fads that have no basis in science and some are outright dangerous, hence the goal of the Healthy Living Academy is to combat these popular fads and trends.

I'm a board certified cardiologist and a certified personal trainer. I've been lecturing on obesity and weight loss for nearly 20 years. The science of weight loss is quite robust now and we are lucky to have so many very well done research articles on weight loss.

I first started writing and publishing when I was 17 years old. I wrote and self published a book on Leadership for Non Profit Organizations and have been writing and publishing extensively since then.

I have written for research journals, scientific journals, sports magazines, blogs, websites, newspapers, health magazines, I've appeared on numerous television shows and video broadcasts. I have traveled the world speaking on healthy living, with a focus on weight loss. I have spent more time researching and studying weight loss than most people have been alive. And I put all of that research into my book!

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