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How I got Into Coaching and Writing About Coaching

Jul 04, 2021

Like every parent, one day I was asked to be the coach because no one else had volunteered to be the coach. It was intimidating at first, because I had never coached before. But I was great with kids, served as a weekend school teacher and camp counselor for many years, so I knew how to interact with kids and motivate them.

Because I had played every sport, it was easy to coach these sports. I have coached everything from golf, flag football, tackle football, soccer, baseball, softball, fishing, and almost everything in between. 

Because I am a researcher and scientist, I brought a lot of science and statistics to the way I coach and it put our teams in better position to win, or not lose. The scientific approach helped us a win a lot of games, even when we did not have the most athletic or gifted players. We learned a lot and it was fun.

For example, even at the highest levels of soccer in the European leagues a throw in is a 50/50 ball. The team throwing it in only retains possession about 55% of the time. How can you tack advantage of this?

In youth flag football, you don't need a running back at all. Why? You are wasting a potential blocker or player. Why not have the best runner be the quarterback and have them get the snap and just run the run play without a ball exchange? Every extra ball exchange reduces the plays success rate by 36%.

People asked me to teach them how to coach and to help them prepare their teams for games or tournaments. I did this a lot. But I figured the easiest way to teach about this was to publish blog posts about it. 

I published a ton of blog posts on coaching soccer and football and even created websites for these coaching and educational websites with other great coaches and friends and you can check them out below.

Eventually, people asked for books. Scrolling through blog posts and YouTube videos is inefficient and it's not curated. They wanted a more curated format. hence the books were born. Click on the store tab at the top to see the books.

Here's a football coaching website we created with lots of free playbooks, strategies, and articles. 

My Football Coaching book:


My Soccer Coaching book: 


My Fishing Book:


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