My Weight Loss Masterclass Course

Mar 01, 2016

I finally decided to put together a fully structured and organized weight loss course online for the general public. Sure, I've been traveling the country lecturing on weight loss, mainly to physicians, but now I have a weight loss course for patients and consumers.

The course is a deep dive into weight loss. Choc full of information, workbooks, downloadable guides and cheatsheets and everything you need to go from nothing to transforming your body completely. 

I have been discussing weight loss in many online forums and groups and the need for such a course was blatantly obvious. There's really no real science based and research backed course on weight loss. Everything you find is someone trying to sell a gimmick or a fad.

This is 20 years in the making and will truly have you understanding everything you need to lose weight safely, effectively, and permanently.

The course will grow with you. I am constantly adding more information and new chapters.


Below is the course outline!


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