Proper Weight Loss

Nov 06, 2019

There are so many way to lose weight the wrong way. I see it every day with my patients. I hear so many stories.  Here's the top tips on losing weight properly.

Don't do a crash diet. Studies have shown that losing weight quickly leads to an even quicker weight regain. And a lot of times you gain back more weight than you've lost. Yo-yo dieting makes your body very efficient at storing fat and losing muscle. The more times you crash diet and regain weight back (the yo-yo), the more you lose muscle and the better you become at storing fat.

Don't restrict foods too much. You need to eat foods you enjoy. When you start avoiding foods or macronutrients because you think it will help you lose weight, you end up developing a bad relationship with food and can't maintain it long term. If you avoid bread or carbs for a while while you diet, you will re-introduce them back later and gain weight back, because you have not learned to control portions and your calories will go up.

Develop a healthy relationship with food. Learn to eat foods you enjoy, but at smaller portion sizes. Either count calories with an app or visually cut calories on your plate.

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