Are Seed Oils Inflammatory?

Mar 10, 2022

Do seed oils and vegetable oils actually cause inflammation? Or is that a myth? Are there any research studies on this topic? Yes, thankfully we have tons of studies on this now. The seed oil debate ends now! 

You always hear "Instagram Doctor" and other internet health gurus talk about seed oils causing inflammation and leading to chronic disease. Are these internet gurus and doctors right?

Unfortunately they are not. Not at all! Not even one bit. They are just trying to scare people with the "next thing", sort of like telling people that drinking "still water" or "alkaline water" or "juice cleanses" will actually do anything to improve your health. They just put a hole in your pocket.

One of the internet doctors that talks about this extensively actually cites a rat study from 1965. Yes, a rat study from 1965. That's almost 60 years ago now and we have over 30 human studies that tested this exact thing and answered this exact question.

The nice thing about science is that you can answer the exact question you have. And in the last 5-10 years we have answered almost all health, diet, exercise, and nutrition based questions. Sure, there's still more and we need to dive into the detail and nuance now, but we have most of the answers.

It turns out that seed oils actually reduce inflammation and improve cardiovascular mortality significantly. Watch this video, as I go over the studies.



The best article to look at this and answer this exact question was the article in Circulation that looked at 30 prospective studies on seed oils and inflammation. It's the first study listed below.

Some argue that linoleic acid converts to arachidonic acid and that causes inflammation, but that isn't true either. Very little conversion takes place in humans. That study is listed below as well.

If you like to read the data yourself, click on the links below.


References and studies:


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