TikTok's Snaps Weight Loss: Do they work?

weight loss May 31, 2022
Tiktok snaps diet plan review

Velovita’s Snaps Weight Loss Plan from Tikitok

Do the Tiktok snaps weight loss packets really work?

Snaps weight loss is a new diet fad that began on Tiktok. They were created by a company called Velovita and contain a "proprietary blend of ingredients" that are supposed to cause weight loss. But does it?

If you look at the ingredients list of their top selling product "Zlem" you'll notice that the vast majority of ingredients are common vitamins and extracts found in many other supplements.


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Zlem Velovita Snap Weight Loss Packets Ingredients Review

Velovita's snaps claim to fame is that they use "nootropics" in their ingredients. Nootropics are supposed to be substances that enhance brain function. They are supposed to be cognitive stimulants.

There are prescription meds that do enhance cognitive function. You have ADHD meds and Alzheimer's medications that have been shown to improve mental capacity and enhance mental awareness.

A more commonly "abused" nootropic is actually caffeine. It has some mild appetite suppressant effects, but those are not strong and generally wear off after a few days. Whopping doses of caffeine can cause cardiac arrhythmias and other side effects.

Two other commonly abused nootropics are nicotine and creatine. Both have some data showing improvement in mental clarity and function. But obviously nicotine has been shown to worsen cardiovascular outcomes, hence you should avoid this.

Alternatively creatine monohydrate has been shown to help with muscle size and strength. We have nearly 50 years of research on this now. More recently some data suggest improved cognitive function.

But most people interested in nootropics aren't sticking to coffee or tea. They’re branching out to dietary supplements. Some, such as ginseng and gingko, have not held up to scientific scrutiny. Yet others -- including CDP-choline, L-theanine, creatine monohydrate, Bacopa monnieri, huperzine A, and vinpocetine have shown some promise, but not enough to be recommended or used.

The main ingredients in Velovita's snaps is a combination of many of the above. See picture below.

The science doesn't currently support the use of nootropics, especially not for weight loss nor for overall health. Do some ADHD meds cause weight loss? Yes, they can be used for weight loss. They suppress your appetite in a similar way that caffeine can, but they are also powerful stimulants and can have life-threatening adverse side effects.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet when it comes to weight loss. Are nootropics the biggest load of nonsense? Maybe, but we are still researching these newer agents. As of today, you are wasting your money on these.

Watch my Video the TikTok Weight Loss Snaps


Tiktok Health

Is it possible that some people tried these snaps and it really helped them lose weight and sleep better? Sure, it may be true. The power of the placebo effect is very powerful, even if you know you are receiving the placebo.

All the incredible weight loss transformations that you see on Tiktok are fake. These people did not use a magical snap or pill to lose weight. All weight loss medications are highly controlled substances and you need a prescription for them.

If it's too good to be true then it is! If these substances actually worked, they would be patented and used as prescription meds. They would be the next billion dollar drug. The fact that pharmaceutical companies have not jumped on these to try and make billions, is because they don't actually work.

Anytime you have someone claiming that this is "the only way" to lose weight, make money, or find love... run away very fast!

As an avid TikTok user, I laugh sometimes when I see what is being peddled as health advice. People use their accounts and fame to sell all kinds of crazy ideas and "best ways" to lose weight.. make money... or find love.

From a scientific perspective, you may want to focus on sleep, nutrition, and lifting weights to help your mind and focus. Eating more nutritious foods has been shown to improve cognitive function, improve energy levels, and improve the functionality of your immune system.

Sleep has been shown to have a maximum impact on health especially in lowering stress hormone levels. But no amount of vitamin C, dandelion root extract, ginger root extract, or apple cider vinegar is going to help you lose weight and fitness gurus need to stop claiming this.

In 2019, aminoisobutyric acid has been shown to possibly help regulate cholesterol and or lipid modulation, but still had no effect on weight loss. (PMC6470580). This is one of the ingredients in the TikTok Snaps blend. It has not been shown to improve mental function or cause weight loss.

With that said, a simple little packet with an enzyme blend from the latest viral weight loss trend that promotes a proprietary enzyme blend isn't going to really do anything. This isn't a lifestyle hack that you need to adopt.

I'm not an exercise physiologist, (I am a certified personal trainer though) but the research has shown that lifting weights has a ton of health benefits including improving mental function and alleviating depression and anxiety.

If your goal is fat loss, then you need to focus on eating fewer calories overall. Those extra pounds will come off much more efficiently when you actually cut calories and focus on weight loss strategies that work.

Some of these substances (even the prescription ones) can cause high blood pressure. Make sure you get a medical consultation from your doctor or cardiologist before you start experimenting.

TikTok snaps' popularity is definitely concerning to me as a cardiologist and certified personal trainer that has been trying to teach proper weight loss and the importance of having a healthy relationship with food and exercise.


Note: TikTok is a short-form video app that allows users to share quick 30 seconds, 1 minute, and 3 minute videos.


Exercise For Weight Loss

While there are many benefits of exercise, weight loss is not one of them. There is no real evidence in the scientific literature that points to long term, sustainable weight loss from exercise alone.

The Snap weight-loss trend is one that needs to be thrown in the recycle bin of history. Health professionals need to promote a more wholesome, reduced calorie diet with increased physical activity. New TikTok trends are not medical advice. Marshmallow root extract aids and ascorbic acid gelcaps are not weight loss miracle pills.

If you have watched any of my weight loss and diet videos on YouTube, you will already know that there is no over the counter pill tha actually causes weight loss. I have an entire channel dedicated to medical weight loss and weight loss medications (if needed). These snap influencers are not talking about any of these.

A healthy weight loss plan begins with getting your weight loss mindset right, formulating a sustainable plan, committing to the plan, and executing the plan.

Regardless of how many TikTok followers you have or the person shelling out the diet and weight loss advice has, they are not medically trained professionals and can not make these claims.


How to Actually Lose Weight?

You need to fix your diet first. Ninety-seven percent of weight loss comes from diet alone. Exercise just changes how you look once the fat comes off. But which exercises?

I would recommend including some compound movements that I prescribe to my patients all the time like squats, deadlifts, overhead press, bench press, and hip thrust. Even if you are older, you should be able to do some version of these with less weight and slowly progress and increase your weight.

The best way to start? Grab my free exercise program and diet program at: https://dralo.net/exercise

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Weight Loss Mindset

Many influencers and celebrities state that body image and body dysmorphia led to their terrible relationship with food and body image. They wanted a change, so that they could accept their current body. I highly recommend taking my Free Weight Loss Mindset Course to help with body image and body dysmorphia. This will also help you prepare for a real weight loss journey and transformation. It will be your LAST transformation!


Proper Weight Loss Diet Program

Overall, you have to choose foods that you enjoy and can eat for a very long time. It makes no sense to eat kale and quinoa for the rest of your life if you hate those foods. If you actually enjoy more wholesome food choices, then by all means, go ahead and add those foods to your diet. If you don't enjoy those foods, it may be hard to sustain this long term.

Studies on heavily restrictive diets have not shown good long term outcomes. You should follow a diet plan that feels the least restrictive to you. 

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