Is Coffee Really Good For You? cardiology healthy living Apr 04, 2024

Is Coffee Good For You?

I think I would absolutely die without coffee. I had to try and stop coffee once because of acid reflux. I tried for just 6 weeks. It was incredibly hard. I ended up going back to it.

Everyone in the world is generally pretty addicted to coffee, but what does the research...

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Do Statins Cause Dementia? cardiology Mar 24, 2024

Do Statins Cause Dementia?

The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s Dementia. The second most common form is vascular dementia. Both forms of dementia can exist in the same person. Medications that lower LDL cholesterol and apoB have generally been shown to reduce all forms of...

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Do Statins Really Only Add 4 Days To Your Lifespan? cardiology Mar 24, 2024

How Much Longer Do You Live On Statins?

Do statins really increase your lifespan or healthspan? I get this question a lot from patients and people online. How much longer will I live if I take a statin medications. Why should I take a medication if it really isn't going to improve my quality of...

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Is Saturated Fat Bad For Your Heart? cardiology Mar 05, 2024

What Are Saturated Fats?

Saturated fats are solid at room temperature; butter, bacon, cheese, lard, margarine, tallow, ghee, coconut oil, chicken skin, fat on steak, sausage, cocoa butter, and suet. But they can also exist in a more liquid form. Some liquid oils have a bit more saturated fat,...

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High Cholesterol - Symptoms, Causes, Treatments cardiology Feb 05, 2024

High cholesterol - Symptoms Causes Treatment

We can now completely eliminate heart disease. Yes! I said it. We can completely eliminate heart disease if we wanted to. We just have to "want to".

We now have the ability to maximize genetics and increase lifespans and health spans by decades. Yes,...

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Is The Carnivore Diet Safe? Or Does It Cause Cancer and Heart Disease! cardiology healthy living Aug 22, 2023

Is The Carnivore Diet Safe or Good For Your Health? A Review of the Evidence and Studies

Just about every day I see a new doctor or influencer on social media touting these all red meat "ancestral diets" that are supposedly safer and healthier because cavemen and cavewomen used to eat this way....

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Is Coffee Really Good For You?

Apr 04, 2024

Do Statins Cause Dementia?

Mar 24, 2024

Do Statins Really Only Add 4 Days To Your Lifespan?

Mar 24, 2024

Is Saturated Fat Bad For Your Heart?

Mar 05, 2024

High Cholesterol - Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Feb 05, 2024

Preventative Cardiology

Mar 01, 2023

Lipoprotein Little a

Jan 18, 2023

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