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7 Reasons You Shouldn't Do Intermittent Fasting Based on Science weight loss Nov 11, 2022

Does Intermittent Fasting Work For Weight Loss?

One of the questions I get the most when I am on tour speaking is, "Should I do intermittent fasting?" People will say they heard it's good for your health, or it helps you live longer, or it is the only way to lose weight.

It certainly is one way...

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Are Eggs Healthy? healthy living Nov 10, 2022

Are Eggs Healthy?

One of the most common question I receive during my lectures at medical conferences and on my social media posts is, "Are eggs healthy if you have heart disease?" Or is it safe to eat eggs?

Egg consumption and cardiovascular health have long been a topic of debate, with some...

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Online Weight Loss Course Taught by Expert Dr. Alo weight loss Nov 01, 2022

A Comprehensive Guide to Losing Weight Sustainably and Achieving Optimal Health Without Fad Diets and While Eating Food You Enjoy!

Are you tired of fad diets that promise quick results but never seem to deliver? Are you ready to take control of your weight and your health, but don't know where to...

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Ozempic Weight Loss Reviews weight loss Sep 13, 2022

Ozempic For Weight Loss Reviews

It's no secret now, the diabetes medication, Ozempic, has been used quite effectively for weight loss. The molecule, semaglutide, and other similar molecules (liraglutide) are class of medications that can cause significant weight loss.

How Does Ozempic Work?


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Did Adele Have Weight Loss Surgery? 100 Pounds Explained by Cardiologist weight loss Jun 16, 2022

Did Adele Have Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery?

While most people that lose a significant amount of weight that quickly usually have bariatric surgery, Adele has not had bariatric surgery. Do you want to know what she did instead? It was super simple. All she did was work out like a mad woman over...

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27 Actionable Childhood Obesity Prevention Tips weight loss Jun 15, 2022

27 Actionable Tips To Prevent Childhood Obesity


As a father of four children ages 7 to 14, it's heartbreaking seeing children succumbing to chronic illnesses and diseases that commonly afflict my much older patients. I see parents who tell me their 13 year old has diabetes, or their...

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21 Ways to Lose Belly Fat For Teens Based on Science weight loss Jun 07, 2022

How to Lose Belly Fat for Teens

One of the most common questions I have to answer everyday is "How can I lose my belly fat?" Surprisingly, it's not just my older patients that ask me this question, a lot of times it's their teenagers.

As a cardiologist and certified personal trainer, I spend a...

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A Heart Healthy Cookbook Designed For Weight Loss weight loss Jun 01, 2022

Mediterranean Diet Cookbook With Recipes Designed For Weight Loss

What happens when you combine the world's top cardiologist, a nutritionist, a diet doctor, a certified personal trainer, and weight loss physician? You get the most unique heart healthy recipes cookbook ever written....

The Heart 2...

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