Science Says It's Ok To Eat Carbs! Dec 01, 2021

Science Says It's Ok To Eat Carbs!

Twenty years ago, we really didn't know. Research did show that avoiding carbs did cause weight loss, and that your health improved with that weight loss.

What we didn't know at the time was that overall health markers improved from the weight loss alone. Not...

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Lose Weight Eating Foods You Enjoy Nov 10, 2021

The most important thing for weight loss is to eat foods that you enjoy and can continue to enjoy long term. If you restrict yourself or start to eat things you are not used to eating, then you will have a tough time adhering to that style of eating long term.

Studies have shown that the single...

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Is Diet or Exercise More Important For Weight Loss? Oct 26, 2021

When I am lecturing on weight loss, I always survey the audience, “What’s more important, diet or exercise?”

About 30% raise their hand for diet, about 40% for exercise, and the rest try to say both or don’t raise their hands at all.

Weight loss is all diet! That’s...

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You Can't Outrun Your Diet Oct 13, 2021

One thing we've learned is that exercise is not linear. Exercise is not endless in the amount of calories that it can burn. Studies have shown that you cannot simply just do more exercise to burn more calories and therefore increase your total of daily energy expenditure. We now believe in a...

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Pool Party: Intermittent Fasting Almost Killed My Freind Oct 05, 2021

I was at a pool party last year. Since I’m also a cardiologist, a friend of mine asked me about an episode where he passed out. He passed out driving home from the gym one day and totaled his car and hit three other cars. No one was hurt. But he was shocked and wanted answers. He was young...

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How I got Into Coaching and Writing About Coaching Jul 04, 2021

Like every parent, one day I was asked to be the coach because no one else had volunteered to be the coach. It was intimidating at first, because I had never coached before. But I was great with kids, served as a weekend school teacher and camp counselor for many years, so I knew how to interact...

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