Fad Diets Long Term Success Rates weight loss Dec 01, 2019

Do Fad Diets Provide Lasting Long Term Weight Loss?

You have to eat food that you enjoy!

When most people decide to go on a fad diet, they usually start a diet that has a "name". Something like "paleo" or "keto" or "zone" diets. These work for a while and the research does show that any diet...

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Proper Weight Loss According to Science weight loss Nov 06, 2019

How To Lose Weight Properly

There are so many way to lose weight the wrong way. I see it every day with my patients. I hear so many stories. Here's the top tips on losing weight properly.

Why You Shouldn't Do a Crash Diet

Studies have shown that losing weight quickly leads to an even quicker...

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How I Lost 50 Pounds in 6 Months Without Fad Diets weight loss Sep 25, 2019

Diet Doctor Loses 50 Pounds in 6 Months After Years of Unsuccessful Fad Dieting

Yes, I lost 50 pounds of fat and built muscle in about 6 months. It was the easiest (and hardest) thing I have ever done. After years of fad dieting, I finally figured it out! It's sad, because I'm a "diet...

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My Weight Loss Masterclass Course Mar 01, 2016

I finally decided to put together a fully structured and organized weight loss course online for the general public. Sure, I've been traveling the country lecturing on weight loss, mainly to physicians, but now I have a weight loss course for patients and consumers.

The course is a deep dive into...

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Healthy Living Academy Mar 01, 2015

My Healthy Living Academy has been live since 2006 and it's been a way to share information on healthy living, weight loss, nutrition, diet, fitness, and exercise in a non commercialized fashion using research and evidence as the foundation. 

There are a lot of health fads that have no basis...

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